Alison McQueen


Another Thread of History

I met Patrick recently in Goa, where he has lived for some time while working on his extraordinary project to document the history and cultural context of Indian quiltmaking. He is clearly a gifted photographer, and his passion for textiles is contagious. The result of Patrick’s many years of dedicated research is a sumputuous volume called Timeless Textiles of India. He really does know his onions.

Yet my encounter with Patrick had absolutely nothing to do with textiles, but rather with techology. It turns out that there is very little that Patrick doesn’t know about Mac equipment, and he showed me how to make my laptop talk to me, after finding me slumped wearily in front of a screen. Some people seem to have a gift for all things technical, don’t they? I can’t even argue that I’m too old to learn new tricks, as Patrick was quite possibly a little older than me.

Do take a look at Patricks blog, which is linked somewhere on this posting. Alternatively you could go a little bit mad and order a copy of the book. Patrick is the only person in the world who has dedicated himself to putting together a single cohesive history of Indian textiles – a project of significant importance. I take my hat off to him.

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